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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corgi Puppies!!

Hi there,
If you are reading this post you are probably very interested in Corgi puppies, which are very cute! Do not buy a puppy for Christmas, it is a bad idea, wait until things are calmer and you have done your research! We are Don and Lillian Stokes, famous bird authors of The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America and 32 other bird and nature books. If you like birds, buy this book.

We have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, named Phoebe and Abby.
Phoebe, l., Abby, r.

Here is a post our Corgi, Phoebe, wrote about a litter of puppies, that included the puppy Abby, who we would later adopt, as well as the now famous Bubbles (GCH Llandian's Champagne on Ice) and Pearl (CH Llandian's Black Pearl). If you want to get a Corgi puppy, please get one from a reputable breeder, not a pet store. For a list of reputable breeders, click here. Also, you MUST take your Corgi puppy to dog school. Corgis are very smart and need a job and they will have you herded into a corner, feeding them treats all day, if you do not learn how to train them. They are loving, loyal, intelligent pets.

Phoebe and Bubbles

Blogger Phoebe here,
How about a break from Lillian talking about the birds/schmirds and hearing about me. Well, yesterday we had a puppy invasion. Not that I mind, I kinda like pupppies, after all I was once one also. My breeder, Dianne, came over with a new batch of 8-week-old puppies who are all my cousins (my mom's sister, Ella had a litter with Keiffer). So they're all perfect puppies, since they're related to me and you already know I'm perfect.

I decided to help train the puppies so Lillian could photograph them. This cutie is named Bubbles. She reminds me of me. I told her to listen to what Dianne said. I told her "Put your paws up on the pumpkin,

then stick your tongue out and look adorable." She has potential.

"Hello Laura, I'm your cousin Phoebe." Laura is a fluffy Corgi. They're just like other Corgis but they have longer fur.

Puppies are full of energy. Here Abby, (who we would later adopt), is talking to Pearl.

Trying to organize pupppies is kinda' like herding....well, herding puppies. Hey, herding puppies! That's what Corgis are, we're in the herding dog group. Corgis were bred to herd cattle.

Another cute fluffy named Phantom, who was kissing up to me. He's got the right idea.

I told him to look cute for the camera.

Here's Winston, Phantom's brother.

and here's my protege, Bubbles, with her tri-colored sister, Pearl.

Way to go girls. Your cousin Phoebe approves.
You can learn more about the puppies and their availability by contacting Dianne at her Llandian Corgi website, click here.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So-o-o Cute!

Unknown said...

These are so cute and they seem to be posing for photographs with stunning poise.


Anonymous said...

Really very cute puppies...

Anonymous said...

Those puppies are adorable but you are still cuter Phoebe!!! Your loving brother POLO

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Polo,
As I recall, you're pretty handsome yourself Polo.
Your sister Phoebe

Anonymous said...

soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vickie said...

Your puppy photos are beautiful!

angelasw said...