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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pine Siskins already

Pine Siskin

A few day ago we saw 5 Pine Siskins here at Bobolink Farm, our NH home. They were hanging out with the goldfinches. We usually see siskins in late fall and in winter. Pine Siskins are northern finches that mainly breed in coniferous boreal forests. They leave Canada and northern areas and migrate down throughout the lower U.S. when their northern food source of conifer cone seeds is sparse. They then show up at bird feeders in the U.S.

An article by Ron Pittaway of the Ontarion Field Ornithologists has a forecast for winter finches saying "most siskins should leave the province (of Ontatio) this fall because the spruce cone crop is poor in the boreal forest."

So, will we see more Pine Siskins this year at bird feeders here in the U.S.? Stay tuned and tell us if they show up at your feeders.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh,I hope they don't all head over your way.We have had as many as 80 in one flock last year.

Maria Olson said...

thats cool i love pine siskins

The Boisverts said...

I'm so excited! The birds out the window have been catching my eye here at our New Boston home the last few days. With some of the thaw, our regular birds have been eating like crazy and having fun out there! And just today, I shrieked in excitement when I saw at least 50 birds all together at the thistle and mixed feeders -- took some pictures of the flock in action and they are my first pine siskins! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...


I just saw pine siskins at my feeder today. There seemed to be about seven of them. Didn't count them unfortunately. They were feeding with the chickadees and a few redpolls were with them. What a cute little bird...