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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Evening Grosbeaks Need Your Help They Are in Decline!

How you can help Evening Grosbeaks! Their population has dropped 92% since 1970. If you see any banded Evening Grosbeaks at your feeder please report it to the US Bird Banding Lab at USGS Bird Banding Lab and email avian ecologist David Yeany at
All banded Evening Grosbeaks will have an aluminum leg band, plus up to 3 colored bands. It's important to determine the sex of the bird and record the location of each band – whether a band is positioned on the upper or lower areas of the right leg or left leg – along with each band’s color. You will also provide the date and location (the address or GPS coordinates) of the observation. Even reports of partial band combinations can be useful, and documentary photos are best!
The Evening Grosbeak Road to Recovery project is color banding and putting satellite and radio transmitters on Evening Grosbeaks to track their movements and help discover the causes of their decline. Read more here,

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Golden-winged Warbler ABA bird of the year!

 The American Birding Association just announced its bird of the year is a Golden-winged Warbler,

"Gorgeous, threatened, prone to producing interesting hybrid combinations with Blue-winged Warblers: the Golden-winged Warbler is a birder favorite, whether encountered as an expected breeder, an uncommon migrant, or an electrifying vagrant. Golden-winged Warbler is also the first warbler selected as the ABA Bird of the Year."