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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Orioles Are Arriving Soon!

eBird map showing location of Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Orioles are migrating and beginning to enter MA. I can't wait until they show up at my feeders. Put our orange for them when they first arrive and they will come to them especially if the weather is cool and there is not a lot of other food available. Once the trees leaf out and there are lots of caterpillars, they will consume them and may not come to oranges as frequently.


Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Northern Parulas Migrating Now!


Migrating now, just seen in eastern MA. Warbler mania is beginning.

Purple Finches Coming Through!


Hello PUFI!! This female/imm.male Purple Finch stopped by yesterday, jockeying for space at the feeder with the "going for the gold" American Goldfinches who are getting feisty as they molt into their yellow breeding plumage. First-year male Purple Finches look streaky brown like females so they cannot reliably be distinguished in the field. Tell these Purple Finches from female House Finches by their white eyebrow. Hope she/he reaches the breeding area and successfully produces more PUFIs.
PUFI is the bander's four-letter code for PUrple FInch.