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Monday, October 13, 2008

European Golden-Plover

The news from New England is that a European Golden-Plover was discovered at Scarborough Marsh, Maine the end of last week by Robby Lambert and identified by Lysle Brinker. To see photos go here, here and here. This is a first record in the lower 48 states. It was seen until Sat. but not on Sun. For those still interested in looking for it, here are the directions from the NH.Birds listserve:

"To reach Scarborough Marsh take Rt. 9 off Rt. 1 in Scarborough. Rt. 9
is southwest of the marsh. About 1+ miles from Rt.1 you will see a
sign for ET on the left. Turn left onto the short dirt track and park
in the small parking lot. Cross the bridge over the river. As I
mentioned, the birds were seen well to the south of this dirt road
looking toward the distant railroad track. It's possible that the
parking lot will be full with hikers, bikers, birders. If that' the
case, it's easy to park along Rt. 9, just be careful of traffic.

We really want folks to honor the habitat and the many people who use
the ET for their own non-ornithological purposes. Please do
everything to protect habitat and honor the various uses of the marsh.

Good luck.

Peter Vickery"

The trek out onto the marsh is long, wet and muddy so bring waterproof footwear. Good Luck.

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