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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Junco snowbird

Dark-eyed Junco

As I am writing this, it just started lightly snowing here in southern NH. Too early! But it reminded me of Juncos, called "snowbirds" because they have "gray skies above, snow below" coloring. They also arrive on their wintering grounds throughout the U.S. in the fall and stay through the winter. Juncos eat weed seeds and seed on the ground under your bird feeders. We scatter mixed seed on the benches on our deck and the Juncos come right outside our window. It's OK with me for the snowbirds to arrive, just not the snow, at least, not now.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait intell the juncos arive i live in utah so the juncos have not arived yet.
juncos are my most faverite bird.

mckay olson,

Ruth said...

I also love juncos, "snowbirds." I love their little "dance" as they hop back and forth in the snow, trying to uncover seeds.
They seem to be very grateful for our generosity this year, as it's been very snowy and cold here in the midwest. I try to keep seeds on the ground for all the ground feeders and squirrels, but it quickly gets covered by snow in the next storm.
When all this snow finally melts, I'm sure layers of seeds will appear. Quite messy in the garden, but this is the garden we devote to birds!