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Monday, October 06, 2008

NH Splendor

Fall colors in the White Mts. of NH

The grand Mt. Washington Hotel looks up at the now snow peaked, "presidential range" of mountains.

Here's photo from the balcony of the hotel looking up at famed, 6,288 ft. high, Mt. Washington.

Nearby Crawford Notch, had visitors,

including us!

Sun shone on our own home's glorious view that morning.

Took a ride up to New Hampshire's White Mountains yesterday to see the fall splendor. Truly spectacular. The mountains were aflame with color — reds. orange, burgundy, coral, yellows. The cloudy gray sky contrasting with the vibrant trees made it even more dramatic. It made us appreciate this state we live in. In just a few hours drive, we can see nature's grand parade of fall color. There were lots of other "leaf peeper's" about and we saw tour buses from other parts of the country, bringing in people to witness the color show.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Autumn is surely a wonderful time of year.The color display is lovely.I liked the snow on the mountains.

Mary C said...

Does the foliage this year seem more vibrant than the last year or two? I wonder if that is the case, could it be because there was more moisture/rain earlier this year for folks in the New England area. Beautiful photos as usual. Thanks for sharing.

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Mary,
The fall colors are particularly spectacular this year. Many people think it's because of all the rain we got. Whatever the reason, we're really enjoying it.

Colleen said...

Hi Guys- I haven't checked in on your site in sometime. Thank you for the beautiful colors of Fall. I am originally from CT. We moved to Virginia in 2000 and it has been a wonderful place to live and raise our girls. Currently we are in Memphis TN seeking treatment for our 6 year old at St. Jude. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and is doing very well. I don't know what sort of Fall weather is instore for us here in Memphis but I am certain we will not see foliage like you did. So thank you for sharing. It was lovely and brightened my day. If you want to say Hi to Ellie, please do- she would love it.

-Colleen :)

Lillian Stokes said...

Glad we could bring you some fall color. Hi to Ellie, we hope she gets well soon.