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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh No, Snow

Yep, just like the weather report said, we got about 6 inches of heavy, wet snow last night, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland in April. Of course, the first thing we did, before we even had our morning coffee, was fill the bird feeders. We're always thinking about the welfare of the birds. Don shoveled a path to the feeders and carried out the seed. Some of our favorite seed to use in the hanging feeders is hulled sunflower, it provides great calories for birds in this weather.

And we placed mixed seed for the ground feeding species customers, such as juncos, who were lined up, with a woke-up-too-early chipmunk.

Phoebe tries to get and eat the mixed seed placed on the back edge of the benches on the deck. Fortunately, Corgis are vertically challenged, which can be a real plus in a situations like this. She is too short to get the seed, in spite of her standing on tippy toe. One always has to be thinking about how to outwit a Corgi, they're very smart dogs.

Photos © Lillian Stokes, 2007


Anonymous said...

Wow, we need that down here in Florida, we have so little moisture and it's getting worse! I still think it's pretty and so clean and crisp to look at.

Anonymous said...

We had only snow flurries here in upstate New York. With the cold it feels more like February than April! Our goldfinches are changing into their spring colors, but we still have juncos at our feeders. I think the chipmunks decided to head back underground for a few more days.

Earlier in the week, I was in Virginia, where it was truly spring: the trees were in bloom and the birds were singing everywhere I went. It was somewhat disappointing to come home and back to the cold!

Lillian Stokes said...

How about we send some snow to FL and you send some warmth to NH. Virginia sounds so pretty, would like to see the cherry trees. Just saw a chipmunk at the feeders, it looked cold.