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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where is Spring?

Common Merganser, male

Common Merganser, females

It is still drizzling after the big storm. The ducks are happy, and we have 40 plus Common Mergansers on the cove in front of our house and other duck species.

As far as the rest of nature goes, where is spring? Where are the Tree Swallows, Eastern Phoebes, Eastern Bluebirds, peepers, salamanders, Wood Frogs, daffodils, tulips? None are here....yet.

The weather forecast is for clearing Friday and warm, finally. Will believe it when we see it.


Anonymous said...

I am also in Southern NH, and the good news is, I have seen a few Eastern Phoebes in the last three days, so hopefully they know the weather is due to change. The Juncos are still here, I thought they were usually gone by now.
I saw a Titmouse checking out one of my boxes the other day, so I guess they are thinking spring too.
When do the Hummingbirds usually start to arrive?

Anonymous said...

I think spring is coming your way! Here in upstate NY our spring peepers are out, loud even in the middle of the day. We still have Juncos, though... it seems like they have stayed much later this year.

Hopefully the nice weather predicted for the weekend will bring some more migrants back!

Anonymous said...

I too am in Southern NH and I would like to attract hummingbirds to my yard. When should I put the feeder out and what types of flowers should I put around it. also should I use the store bought concentrate red for the feeder or just sugar and boiled water? thanks