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Sunday, April 15, 2007

And More Finches

We're in the big nor'easter that's hitting the east coast. First snow, now sleet, later it's supposed to be rain. Again we have over 100 American Goldfinches cramming the feeders, it's hard to keep them filled. They jocky for position at the above feeders,

(How many finches are in the photo?)

and go on the ground for the seed spilled by the diners above. We're using hulled sunflower and the goldfinches above drop and spill some of the seeds, lucky for the diners below. The string fencing is actually electric fencing to keep out bears. It does not hurt the birds in any way. More on that in a later blog. The chickadees and other species can hardly get a spare seat. We scatter seed on the deck for the many juncos, doves and other sparrows. Good thing they have the Stokes restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

68? And one junco.