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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A short while ago, this immature Bald Eagle landed on the ice and watched an otter eating a fish. We have seen adult eagles take fish from otters, guess this one still didn't have the nerve/skill yet. (digiscoped from far away). Neither was fazed by the flooding, just food on their minds.

Meanwhile, we finally got electricity back this am. Spent a long night by the fire reading by candlelight. Made us think of how folks lived "in the old days" and of the many people in the world today who live without electricity. It was so quite, no furnace, refrigerator, TV etc. noise. It was very peaceful, the savoring made possible by the fact we knew this was a temporary state.

It's still raining but the storm is subsiding. Oldtimers here say in 40 years they have never seen it so flooded. We may be approaching the 100 yr. flood mark. Rivers all over southern NH have overflowed, blocking many roads, flooding homes.

This morning we went out and took photos in our our fields, which were soaked, but our home was dry.
The pond our property fronts on, is really a dammed up part of a river. The river was at flood stage, overflowing the banks of our property, which are usually 5 ft. above the water level.

We could see our neighbors boat, lawn furniture and wood duck house floating around in our cove. Many other pieces of debris and logs and stumps were floating. Some had washed up onto our fields. We'll have clean-up to do when it stops raining.

The water is usually well below this spit of land and there is a small cliff at the left. Not now.

The flooded hayfields where the Bobolinks nest. Glad they're not here now. Hope they take their time getting here.

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Jayne said...

Glad you all got electricity restored and that your home is dry. It's been an odd spring indeed.