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Monday, April 16, 2007

More Storm




The powerful nor'easter storm is still over New England. Here in southern NH, we are without power and getting socked with torrential rain and very high winds. Some of our windows and doors are leaking because of the horizontal rain. But hey, I gotta post a blog, right? Our fields are as flooded as we have ever seen them. Good thing our home is on a 20 ft. high hill above the fields and the pond/river below.

Can't even get out to the feeders, but luckily, filled them last night. The goldfinches can barely hold on to the feeders, saw one get blown off. And I can't believe it, but there actually is a Song Sparrow in a birch tree in the lee of the house, singing! Determined bird!

I have wireless internet and my laptop still has some power, but I won't be on the internet much today, don't want to run the battery down any more than I have to. Thank goodness we have a wood stove. It's pretty much a necessity if you live in New England. So we will stay by the wood stove, drink tea, and continue to work on our new field guide. Hope we get electricity restored soon. You don't realize how much you depend on it, until you don't have it.

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