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Monday, February 22, 2010

Today at Ding

Today at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, the Reddish Egrets were having a bad hair day, due to the wind,

but not the photographers (like me) who were lined up to catch some of their feeding antics and got some amazing shots.

Meanwhile, the White Pelicans were coming in and landing on the sand bar,

being careful not to step on the heads of their sleeping cohorts.
So many photo ops, so little blog space, I have so many photos from just today!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those Reddish Egrets gave me a good laugh.It must be amazing to be a place like this.

Kat said...

What a wierd looking bird! You guys are really enjoying yourselves down there, aren't you?

I enjoy your blog and photography!

Lillian Stokes said...

We are having fun. Ding is a photographers' dream.

Lowie said...

Bring one of each back to NH.

Cathy said...

Oh that's a hoot!

I love those birds.

If you have an extra second - you might enjoy my Ding pelican photos in my latest post.

Pure luck. (and a little hunch)

Dan Huber said...

Wonderful photos. sounds like a great spot to go birding

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and fill your blog with your photos. We love to see them.