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Friday, February 05, 2010

Stokes Feeder Friday, Buntings

Here is one of our very favorite feeder birds, the Painted Bunting. This is a bird who breeds in some southeast coastal areas of TX, LA, OK, AK, parts of KS and MO, and who winters in FL and Central America. When we had a home on Sanibel Island, FL and wintered there, we had Painted Buntings coming to our feeder. What a thrill. We have friends in mid-Florida who have quite a few Painted and Indigo Buntings coming to feeders in winter.

These birds like white millet bird seed, offered in a tube. You can usually buy millet straight, or look for a bird seed mix that has a high percentage of millet (a small round white seed).

Wish we could get these in NH, but that would be highly unusual. We can always hope. We do get Indigo Buntings sometimes coming to our feeders in NH during spring migration. They like millet also.

1 comment:

Joy K. said...

Thanks for the hint about millet. We have a few each year at our feeders north of Dallas, Texas, but they don't visit consistently. I hope that stocking a feeder with millet with help entice some painted visitors.