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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moon Glow, full moon tonight

Moon last night, photo with noise reduction in photoshop.

This, and next two photos, as is.

I just photographed the full moon here on Sanibel. The clouds kept blowing over it like smoke. All shot with the Canon 1D Mark IV at 12,800 ISO, hand held, with a 300mm lens. The top photo was run through photoshop for noise reduction and some low lights brought up. The other photos are, as is, out of the camera. Since I was shooting RAW plus .jpeg, these are the .jpegs.
Of course, these are just experimental and pushing the camera to see what it can do at 12,800 ISO hand held. So, yes, I know they have noise. I could have used a tripod and different camera settings, and gotten less grain, etc. but in this case, I was just experimenting for fun. I have other photos from the past, with tripod, of the moon, done differently. I will continue to experiment.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Seems like I can see the smile with these pictures. :)

nico said...

The photos are cool, but need some heavy noise reduction... those super-ISO settings are too noisy to be practically usable IMHO.

Probably you'd get a way better result using a tripod and bringing down the ISO to 800 or 1200. Especially because you could have easily gone down 1 stop (maybe even 2 for the last photo).

good job though :)

Lillian Stokes said...

Thanks for your comments. This was just an experiment to show what the camera does under extreme conditions with high ISO and hand held, not to show how to make technically excellent moon photos.