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Friday, March 05, 2010

Today, Sanibel

Broad-winged Hawk, adult.

Lesser Black-backed Gull, adult.

Lesser Black-backed Gull, adult


River Otter

So many birds, so little time, so many photo ops. We try and see 100 species each winter on Sanibel and today the birds cooperated. We were up to 97 species as we started out the day. First, we saw an adult Broad-winged Hawk sitting on a wire on San-Cap Rd. This is very unusual, for Sanibel. On rare occasions we have seen them here in winter. Yeah, number 98! Then we went to the beach at Gulfside City Park and walked out and right in front of us was a Lesser Black-backed Gull, adult. This is a rare gull and another unusual find for Sanibel. Awesome, number 99! There were also many shorebirds on the beach, including this Willet picking at a sponge.
We then went to the Bailey Tract and found a Coot and that was number 100!
And then a River Otter went right in front of us. What a great day


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am constantly amazed at your photos.How I wish I could learn some tricks of the trade from someone with your skills. Jake and I gave one of your field guides to a friend,aged 12,and he has been studying birds.It is exciting to see a young person take such a keen interest in birding. Have a fabulous weekend.

Tom Arbour said...

Great capture of the otter, and with three legs off the ground to boot! I visited Ding Darling in February 2008 and was just blown away. Thanks for sharing your adventures.


Kat said...

Love the River Otter!!! Sure am enjoying all the wonderful photos. I love the Hawks.

Kristen Lindquist said...

It was very cool to meet you both at Ding Darling last week. We also got to 100 species by week's end, but to do so we had to go to Corkscrew and Shark Valley, too. And even then, we were down to 99 as we headed to the airport, when luckily a pair of sandhill cranes flew over our car!

Thank you again for the shorebird lessons. Perhaps now we'll cross paths in New England.