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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in NH

Hi all, We're back in NH, had a great time in FL. I still have lots of Sanibel photos to post, which I will do. Here in NH, a pair of bluebirds are checking out our bird houses! The first crocus is blooming, along with snowdrops, right next to the foundation on the south side of the house. So signs of spring are appearing. If you haven't yet, clean out your bird houses to ready them for the new nesting birds.


Kat said...

I have been doing just that and when I went to The Tractor Supply I found one of your brackets to put on the back of the birdhouse to then slip on a pole. Fantastic Idea! If you don't already make one to fit steel fence posts, that would be a great idea. I actually thought that this one was, but failed to read the smaller print that it fit a 1" diam. pole. But I still love it and put it on the blue bird house. Thanks.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I don't think I would ever see enough Bluebirds,maybe because we have so few around here.

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see more of the Florida pics, thank you very much for sharing!