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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Migration has started

Red-shouldered Hawk, juv. (photo from FL)

Broad-winged Hawk in NH

Migration has started with many birds now on the move, and so many more to come. Spring hawk migration is starting, depending on which species, and where in the country you are. Obviously birders in the southern states see spring migrating hawks before those of us up north, like here in NH. Peak spring Broad-winged Hawk migration is from mid-April through early May. For Sharp-shinned Hawks, its mid-April to mid-May. For Red-tailed Hawks it's mid-March to mid-May. We recently saw several Red-taild Hawks circling overhead.

We had a Killdeer in our fields yesterday. Canada Geese are flying overhead. Bluebirds are checking our boxes. I look forward with so much excitement and anticipation, to the parade of spring migrants!

What migrants are you seeing?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

We spent about 5 hours at a local hawk watch site.Today was the best day so far this year,20 or more Bald and Golden Eagles combined,one Merlin and two Goshawks.The birds should be increasing in number and variety over the next week or two.

warriormom said...

Grackles and Red Winged Blackbirds arrived in a mass this morning - such a racket down the swamp! Two pair of Canada Geese, so far, and my first glimpse of a Great Blue Heron this morning. Three hawks in the swamp yesterday (no idea) and a larger one today - Red Shouldered or Red Tailed, close enough to catch my eye from the house, but too far away to get a better id.