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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday - Feeder Friday

Someone sent a comment asking about Stokes Feeder Friday (where I cover bird feeding topics), which I didn't do on friday. That's how busy I have been. So I am doing it now, on Monday.
Here's a photo from FL of a Painted Bunting on a feeder. Those lucky folks in southern FL can get these beauties at their feeders in winter. When we had a home on Sanibel, we used to get them at our feeder. Buntings like mixed seed, especially white millet. They often hang out in groups. So if you attract one, they'll bring their friends. I just can't get enough of this bird, it is one of my very favorites. The Monet bird, I think, because it has all the colors of a painter's pallet rainbow.
For those of us up north, we'll just have to be content to attract Indigo Buntings during migration and the breeding season.. They're also beautiful. Use tube or tray feeders with a mix that contains millet.

Meanwhile, we have been in a big nor'easter storm here in New England since Sat. There are huge winds, torrential rains still going on, and flooding everywhere. Our roof leaked right near where my computer was, but computer is OK. Right now I don't mind being cooped up indoors, and plowing through all the work piled up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Feeder Friday info. If I get a painted bunting to visit my feeders I will be grateful. Up here in Bangor, ME we did not get one drop of rain, and have also not had snow in our area for a month now. I saw a large group of Robins one day last week. Sorry to hear of the damage caused by the storm over the weekend south of here.

Kevin said...

Looks like a great cover bird for a field guide!

Joy K. said...

It always seems to me that those birds were designed by a kid with too many colored markers.