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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short-eared Owl

I've been thinking about owls because I heard someone talking about them recently. The Short-eared Owl is one of my favorite owls. This medium-sized owl lives in open habitats, such as tundra, grasslands, fields, marshes, prairies and savannas, where it hunts small mammals. It breeds mostly in the far North and parts of the West and can be seen in winter in many parts of the country.

I saw this one on Christmas several years ago in the marshes of Salisbury Beach, MA. It mostly hunts at night, sometimes during the day. I was lucky, it was out, and gave me photo ops. This owl flies erratically, like a moth, and courses low over the ground, so photographing it in flight was a challenge (as usual!) I was thrilled to get some photos.

One of the wonderful things I love about capturing a bird in a photo, is that you get to keep and cherish that moment. You can look at it again and again, re-experiencing the adventure, and share it, as I have done today, with others.


Kelly said... beautiful. I love this owl!

Linda Crowder said...

I have just today found your blog and I feel that I will spend many happy hours enjoying it through your eyes and your voice. God bless you.

LNMP298 said...

I love Short-eared Owls! They are so beautiful. I think I appreciate them even more because I don't see them very often. Great photos.