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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Don and Lillian Stokes Facebook Page

We've finally taken the plunge and gone full tilt into the "social media". I've written this blog for 4 years, been on Twitter since Sept. 09, and now we've created our Don and Lillian Stokes facebook page. I'm still learning how to use facebook, but am finding it lots of fun and the page a great new way to deliver birding content, photos and engage with other people. Check out the folder on Birds in Flight under our Photo section.

You can find our page by clicking here, then becoming a "fan".

There is some ongoing speculation in the birding world as to how many birders actually use facebook. Are you a birder and on facebook? If so, how do you use facebook?


BlueJam said...


Love the blog, keep up the good work! I was trying to find contact details but couldn't so I posted.

We have just finished a new site for use by the birding community:
We are contacting a limited number of people that we hope will let us know what they think about it before we take it out of beta. If you could let me know what you think that would be great.


Laurie said...

I am a birder, and on Facebook. I use FB to advertise field trips that I'm leading, to post pictures of past field trips, to advertise for our local Audubon chapter, to raise money for conservation "Causes" and to stay connected to new birders that I meet.
I also keep up with birders that I've met in other areas and stay in touch with them for future birding trips.
This and more makes FB useful to me as a birder. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

All ready signed up.

Lynda in Michigan

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Paul,
Your new site looks awesome. Is it just for British birders? It's sure to help them connect and keep up with the latest bird sightings in the U.K. Good Luck with it.
It has some similartities to Birdseye app developed by Cornell for North American birders. You can contact us through,

Unknown said...

Love your blog, and visit it often. I'm in Strafford, NH and have birdfeeders outside my office window. Your ideas, observations, and comments are thoughtful and insightful.
As an aside, I'm on FB, but have rarely used it for birding purposes. You will like it -- a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Thanks for all you do,

LNMP298 said...

I'm a birder, and use Facebook mainly to stay in touch with friends and family. I raised the idea with our local bird club of setting up a FB page, but we are in the process of updating the club's web site, and hope to include more interactive features there instead.

Janet said...

I have just found your blog. Looks interesting. I'll check it again.