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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Yes, that's what it is, squirrel appreciation day, according to the National Wildlife Federation. There's interesting info on their site, including,
"While red squirrels are known for vigorously defending their territories, some females turn over all or part of their holdings, including a critical food cache, to their offspring as a way of bolstering the pups’ chances of survival during the difficult first year of life."

We have mostly Red Squirrels here, a source of constant entertainment and a challenge to keep off the bird feeders. Mounting the feeders on a pole with a baffle works best. Red Squirrels cache food underground in a big stash, unlike the Gray Squirrels who bury nuts separately.

Above are some of my favorite photos of Red Squirrel. The top photo shows a feeder where we allow the squirrels to feed. That's one happy squirrel. Center photo seems like a tail with ears, you just know that's a squirrel who's scheming. The bottom photo shows their ability to balance on anything. That squirrel is just ready to jump.

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