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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ivory Gull, Yes

Just got back from Race Point Beach, at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA, where there was a rare Ivory Gull. When we got there this afternoon, a number of birders had already seen it, but as we arrived they said "it just flew down the beach out of sight" (towards Chatham). That's not what you want to hear. The beach stretches for miles. After walking in sand quite aways, we decided to go back and wait where it had most been seen, up the beach from the entry near a large dead fish.
As we hiked back, wonderfully, the gull landed in front of us, but them took off when two people with a dog walked close by. I was able to get these photos. The gull landed up the beach close to two birders who got a good view. Reports are that it was quite tame and mostly seemed oblivious to people. The gull then flew up the beach towards the tip with several more stops, then flew far and disappeared out of view. We last saw it at 3 pm. It most likely will still be there tomorrow, for those who want to make the trip to see this beautiful gull, a rare visitor from the far north.


Birding is Fun! said...

Your photos did a great job capturing the pure whiteness and elegant wings in flight. Love it! Wish I was closer to see it.

I did just see my first ever Iceland and Glaucous Gulls here in Idaho. It wasn't at a pristine and scenic beach, but rather the local smelly dump.

Unknown said...

Sunday the Gull was very cooperative, flew in front of us, landed and allowed people to approach as close as 10-15 feet Made photography very easy.

Great day Clear sky, warm and a still ocean

Missed the one in Plymouth last year

Owlman said...

AWESOME shots of an incredible bird!

Sara said...

Beautiful bird, gorgeous photos ! The detail of feathers is just remarkable. Thanks for sharing !

Andy said...

I too was there on Saturday around 12-1pm.
Great sight!

Anonymous said...

Angel in flight!