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Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellow-rumps are here!

Yellow-rumped Warblers are one of the most common migrant warbler.

Look for their tell-tale yellow rump, a no-brainer for their ID

Yellow-rumped Warblers have arrived here. These ubuquitous spring migrants are one of the earliest spring migrant warblers to pass through here. We are first alerted to them by their song, a rather nondescript trill, which can rise or fall slightly. Best of all, they are just the advance guard of warbler spring migration. We look forward to a rainbow parade of migrant warblers arriving soon.


Unknown said...

I have a lot of yellow rumped warblers at our house just arrive!

Radd Icenoggle said...

Still waiting the butter butts to make their appearance in Montana...soon, very soon.

The Boisverts said...

First time to my yard this year, got some nice shots (not like yours of course!), so exciting. So pretty.
Had a black and white warbler here as well...up until this year the only warbler I've had is a pine warbler so I'm excited.