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Monday, April 13, 2009

The "Corgi Force"

Greetings from Blogger Phoebe, the Corgi,

That's me on the right. My fans have been asking about me, so I thought it was time for a Corgi update. As you know, my cousin, Abby, has come to live with us. Since I am the perfect one, I have decided she is "in-training-to-be-perfect." Don't tell her, but she will never be perfect, since there is only one perfect one, and that is me! However, I am the perfect teacher for her, just like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, trained Luke Skywalker to use "the force."

I am training her in using the "Corgi force," and we practice wrestle. I often let her think she is winning, to build her confidence, but I could take her down anytime I wanted.

This Corgi in training has much to learn. Here is a lesson in dog physics. She is licking the raindrops through the window. I must teach her that you sit at the door and whine, like you need to go out, then Lillian and Don will let you out, then you can play with the raindrops all you want. That is using the "Corgi force" on humans. I am an expert at that.

All in all I really like having Abby around. Just wait until she is smarter, then we can both use the "Corgi force" on Lillian and Don.

Until later, this is Blogger Phoebe signing off, Woof-Woof, and to all you Corgis who are reading this, "May the Corgi Force be with you."

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Unknown said...

Dear Phoebe,

When is your book, The Life and Times of Phoebe the Corgi coming out? We are sure it would be an instant bestseller! We are a bit perplexed, however, about this wanting to be "perfect" stuff. Gryffin and I spend all of our time and energy trying not to be perfect! We use the Corgi Force for getting our paws on toys, banned foods, bones, chipmunks, etc. as well as doing things like barking and rolling in wild animal poo!

Keep up the good work bamboozling the cousin though - I try to keep Gryffin in line with a little creative persuasion too!

May the Corgi Force be with you too,