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Friday, December 05, 2008

Eagle On Ice

This morning, out on the pond, we saw a Bald Eagle standing on the ice! Bald Eagles are always a thrilling sight for us, no matter how many times we see them. This was a subadult eagle, that's why its plumage looked mottled and it did not have the white head of the adult. Crows were nearby and one brave crow crowded near the eagle. Most likely the eagle had some bit of fish that was frozen in the ice. It pecked at the ice and we could see the eagle's feet slipping on the ice as we watched it through our scope. What a great way to start our morning.

I digiscoped these photos (photographed them with my canon A620 point and shoot through the scope) through our window and the eagle was more than 500 feet ways from me! This is extreme digiscoping. Most digiscopers suggest the bird be no more than about 50 feet away for small birds, 100 ft. for larger birds.

Lillian's photo tip: Never be afraid to try digiscoping a distant bird. The result may not be a calendar shot, but it could be a record of a rare bird, or just something you want to share with people on your blog. Like I did.


A New England Life said...

Lucky you! Wish I could see an Eagle. It's something I don't think you can grow tired of.

Jeff said...

A few years ago I saw an adult Bald Eagle on the ice on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Like your bird, he was being crowded by a Crow.

It's turning out to be a good season for Bald Eagles in the Houston area. I've already seen two, one of which flew 30 feet over my head at the college where I work.

Unknown said...

bald eagles are cool! I have only seen a couple in my life.(I am 11)

Anonymous said...

this deffenitly helped me with my bird science project! thank you!!