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Monday, December 01, 2008

First Snow

We had the first real snow here. The birds flocked to the feeders. Someone asked us to identify the seed in the feeders we show. This hopper feeder is filled with our Stokes Select Cardinal Songbird mix, which has a good percentage of sunflower seeds in it and is a good all-purpose mix for feeder birds.

Our Corgis, Phoebe and puppy Abby, played and played.

This was Abby's first snow. Here she is tasting this delicious white stuff. There's nothing like watching a puppy delight in her first experience of snow.

Phoebe and Abby hang out on "the rocks" area of our property.

Don outside the new kitchen garden.

Corgis running and running.


Alan Pulley said...

Such a cute puppy! That one photo of Phoebe and Abby hang out on the rocks would make a great Christmas card!
Enjoy your snow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe! Abby is adorable & it looks like you are having lots of fun together! You truly are a perfect dog & an excellent teacher for little Abby!
Your loving brother, Polo

A New England Life said...

I live near the coast so we haven't experienced our first snow of the season yet. The dogs are always so excited when it happens though. It's like a magic moment! The kids are pretty excited too!

Somehow I could do without ; )


Unknown said...

hey, we have allready had a lot of snow here in utah.