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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Highlights

I was giving another photograher tips for photographing hawks in flight while we were all watching the hawks migrate. Big tip — get on the bird as early as possible. Do not wait until it is right over your head to try and get it in your viewfinder. These photos were taken 2 seconds apart as a beautiful Osprey came right over our heads. The last photo is a slightly cropped version of photo 3. You can see how quickly the Osprey looms up in the camera frames. If I had not gotten on the Osprey in the first frame, I would have not gotten the closer shot. It's an adreneline rush to have the bird come over you so fast, to find, to focus and to hold down the shutter button, letting the camera take almost continuous shots. The result is satisfying photos of these magnificent hawks.


Mary C said...

Thanks so much for the tip. I'm headed for a birding festival this weekend with a new camera and hopes to get some great shots. I'll definitely keep it in mind to focus on the bird before it's overhead.

Maria Olson said...

ospreys areint the amazing birds