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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Mississippi Kite nests in NH

Speaking of raptors, the news is that there are not 1 but 2 Mississipi Kite nests in Newmarket, NH. The first nest was well visited all summer by many birders and just recently a second nest was discovered by NH birders. Both nests have fledgling chicks who hang out near their nests begging for food. On Sept. 4th, two NH birders, connected by cell phone, were each watching a different nest with a parent kite feeding a chick. NH birder Steve Mirick reported on Sept. 6th that he saw an adult feeding the chick at nest #2 on Gonet St. and then had a chick sitting and flying about near nest #1 on South Main St. while an adult flew above it. See his photos of the South Main St. chick here, and here.
So how amazing is it that in NH this summer, Mississippi Kites are not only recorded as a first state record, but they have two nests!

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