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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hawk Migration starting

Broad-winged Hawk

'Tis the season for migrating hawks. In the eastern part of the country, expect most of the Broad-winged Hawks to clear out of the Northeast between Sept. 10- 25th. Many other hawks will migrate during this time also. Look for hawks on clear days with mild north, northwest or northeast winds and good thermal activity. Broadwings migrate by rising on thermals and gliding to the next thermal, thereby conserving energy on their long journey to Central and South America.
The Hawk Migration Association of North America maintains the HawkCount website which facilitates the tracking and reporting of hawk migration. At the HawkCount website you can see how many and which kinds of hawks have been reported from all the major hawk watch locations across the country.

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Anonymous said...

Never blogged before but just had to let somebody know we recently moved to Graham, Tx, and this afternoon 10/05/08 hundreds of hawks have flown over. It was really exciting to see. What surprised me the most was that they flew and soared in groups. I always thought of them as being more solitary. The most unusual thing though was that there were different kinds, all together. Was really exciting. So... I would think that before long they will be to the Texas gulf coast. Graham is in North Central Texas.