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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corgis, Judges, Birding


Blogger Phoebe here again,

I'm borrowing the blog from Don and Lillian so I can get to talk about me, me, me, but don't you worry all you birders who read this blog, I've included some bird photos for you.

I had quite a week last week. On Tuesday one of the judges for the Mayflower Pembroke Corgi Specialty dog show came to visit me at Bobolink Farm where I live in NH. My mom and dad, Lillian and Don (you know, the bird people) took Vicki and me birding. We saw some cool Bobolinks in the fields at my house and other birds. Then I got to sit on Vicki's lap so she could admire me.

Then we went to the dog show and on Thurs. took judge Patty out birding at Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in MA. The rules are you gotta' keep the judges away until the day they judge, so they don't become biased by seeing the dogs beforehand. We found out dogs are not allowed on the refuge impoundments like they used to be, so I waited in the shade in the car in the parking lot, then was lifted out to have my photo taken in the parking lot. So birders, don't take your dogs here. Some National Wildlife Refuges do allow dogs, so check before going.

We saw lots of birds such as Yellow Warblers,

Baltimore Orioles

and a Veery, which was a "life bird" for Patty. Who says you can't be a birder and a Corgi lover as well.

Now here's one of my favorite tricks, so listen up all you show dogs. They held me up so I could have my photo taken with Patty.

Then I planted a big smooch on Patty. It's called kissing up to the judge.

I was at the dog show on Friday all day. Some people there know me because I was the cover girl for the winter issue of the Mayflower "Corgi Cryer" magazine. Here I am with Cindy the editor who is holding up the issue of the magazine with my photo on the cover. If you want to learn more about Corgis, you can subscribe to this magazine which I rate as three tails up.

There were things that you could buy at the show and Lillian and Don were considering purchasing this sign. I wonder why??

I made some friends, and learned that his handsome dude is my half brother. We both have the same father, "Ch. Slavenik Sweet Thoughts" who is one prolific dad. I was born in 2006 and my half brother here, Ch. XIII Maples Stellar Idea, was born in 1997.

The judging got serious as the show progressed and I had a great ringside seat where I could check out all the entries.

The breeders and handlers worked hard to show off all their beautiful Corgis.

Here's a video of the winners and me congratulating one of the cute boys, Happiharbor Saddle Lane TY. He came came over and touched noses with me.
(Click on the arrow to play the video)

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Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Oh Phoebe, we think you are just adorable! Thanks for posting all of the great photos!