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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Birding Festivals

American Avocet

Us doing a booksigning at a prior ABA convention

There's no better way to get your feet wet in birding than to attend a birding festival. Birding festivals are held all over the country, in just about all months. They center around some spectacular birding event, such as the gather of thousands of Sandhill Cranes in NM at the Festival of the Cranes, or celebrate some astonishing natural habitat that lures birds at a particular time of year. Festivals have keynote speakers (we have been ones at many festivals), workshops, field trips run by experienced leaders, and lots of other fun things. By attending you learn lots, can increase your life list, make friends, have a ball. A birding festival brings dollars into a community because of the birds, thus inspires the community to contiue to protect the bird habitat. Win, win for all.

Here's a list of what bird festivals are coming up soon:

Atlantic Puffin in Maine

* Acadia Birding Festival
Mount Desert Island - ME
June 12-15, 2008
Celebrate the ecological wonders of the birds of the Gulf of Maine at the 10th Acadia Birding Festival. Explore Mount Desert Island and its birds through numerous events and venues. See warblers on early morning birding walks, visit with Atlantic Puffins and pelagic birds at sea, and observe Peregrine Falcons at an active breeding site in Acadia National Park

* 4th Annual Adirondack Birding
Speculator - NY
June 20-22, 2008
Celebrate the Boreal Birds of the Adirondacks. This 3 day event will feature hikes, canoe trips, walks, outings, & seminars. Events will take place county wide, in Speculator, Piseco, Indian Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Inlet & Long Lake.

* American Birding Association Annual Convention
Snowbird, UT
June 23-29, 2008
See an astonishing number of Utah's birds including those at Utah's Great Salt Lake which was named a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site, so designated for its importance as a staging area for millions of migrating waterfowl and shorebirds.

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ChrisJ said...

We had puffins where I grew up on the east coast of England (Flamborough Head.) There were plenty of them in the early fifties, then they became more rare, but now they are protected and have made a resurgence. Sadly, I don't live there any more.