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Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Phoebe

Blogger Phoebe here,
I'm just lying in my little bed, chewing my bone, while Lillian and Don are finishing their new book. They're so busy they let me have the blog today. I'm glad the snow is melting some here, so Lillian and Don can take me for long walks in the fields, one of my favorite things. Did you know there's a bird named a Phoebe? Yup, they actually named a bird after me. That's 'cuz I'm perfect. Do you think I have too many toys?

Til' later,
Blogger Phoebe, "woof"


Anonymous said...

Hello Phoebe from your brother Polo!!! You can never have too many toys!!! I do not like toys that much but I love going for long walks!!!

Lillian Stokes said...

Hello Polo,
I agree I can never have too many toys. Do you remember that we celebrated our first birthday together? Lillian and Dianne took us out for doggie ice cream then we got to run together in my fields. Here is the link to the photos on the blog about it. Put the whole address in your browser.
Luv' ya,

Birdman said...

Hello Lillian and Donald,

Its me birdman, I lost your kid blog website so I'm commenting on this one. My dog has that many toys and he keeps on losing them. Whats your new book going to be about?


Sara said...

Hi Phoebe,
I'd heard the rumors that you are perfect but was never really sure until now. Your toys appear to have ALL of their stuffing and NO chew holes...amazing ! So it is true, you're perfect.
Woof from Libby, who isn't.

NCmountainwoman said...

Phoebe, I am so happy you do not destroy your toys. My dog loved her stuffed toys until one Christmas she found a seam. Learning that she could unstuff the toys made her a soft-toy destruction machine. I hated to see the old favorites torn to shreds. Don't you learn that nasty little trick.

And true, you can never have too many toys.

Pungo River Rambling said...

My corgie Tasha would comment today but she is at the vet's being spayed. I think I felt worse than she did leaving her. She loves her toys to rags. Smile, like all corgi's do. (There are lots of humming birds for me to watch at my front window)