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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Evening Grosbeak Party

At the Stokes Birdfeeder Restaurant, the Evening Grosbeak party of 4 has been seated. The male is the bright yellow "space cadet," the females are wearing more sublte gray and yellow. A tray/platform birdfeeder such as this has the advantage of accomoding birds of many sizes, from smaller chickadees to these plus sized grosbeaks. The feeder in this photo is our Stokes Select 3-in-1 Platform Feeder which can be hung, mounted on a pole or set on the ground and is listed in the new Duncraft catalog as their pick for "Best New Bird Feeder."


The Boisverts said...

Love it! The picture, I mean! And I'd also love to own one of those feeders as well... I may have to show my hubby this post for a Mother's Day gift idea from him and the kids. :-)

BTW, do you have any major issues with bears at your feeders? We've had problems before and I start to get nervous this time of year (we have 3 young sons who are outside quite a bit...) Any tips or info on bears you may have and want to share?

Shelley said...

Nice dinner party! And I think I have to get one of those feeders!

Suzanne said...

I have just found your blog and I love the beautiful pictures and information you give us. Thanks for sharing.