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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cover Girl Phoebe

Hi Blogger Phoebe here, taking over Lillian and Don's blog,

News flash, I'm a cover girl. Just got my copy of the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club magazine, called The Corgi Cryer, and my photo is on the cover. Now, I'm not going to let this go to my head (well, maybe a little), but it is something to brag about and I'll have to order extra copies for all my boyfriends, like Scooter.

The photo was taken by my Mom, Lillian when I was 4 months old and was playing in the snow. The Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club serves much of New England and has a cool magazine. There are lots of articles about our breed, news and fun stuff for everyone, whether you are an established Corgi breeder or just someone with your first pet Corgi. If you would like more information about Mayflower club click here and to subscribe to their magazine, the Corgi Cryer, click here.

But back to me. Below is a recent photo of me in the snow. I'm all growed up but still love to play in the snow.

And below is another photo of me, being cute, taken this morning. Lillian was looking for me and didn't realize I had curled up on the velvet skirt under the Christmas Tree. I'm no dummy, it was right next to the heating vent. I wonder what Santa will bring me. I hear he brings lots of nice things to Corgis who have been good. Well I bet I'm getting something really swell 'cuz I'm not just good, I'm perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hello Blogger Phoebe,

You are fabulous as a cover girl and very recognizable. So very charming, talented, and of course, perfect !

Happy Holidays Phoebe, Lillian, and Don.

Unknown said...

Hi Phoebe,
I live in the Lake Champlain Islands in Northern Vermont with my older brother Rugby, (he does lots of dog sports) and a couple of humans. We saw you on the cover of the Cryer when it arrived in the mail yesterday, very cool!
Anyhow the human is making me write you because she is too embarrassed to ask this herself - Today at the end of snowshoeing (we have tons of snow here, it is at least two corgis deep!)a very big bird flew up from about 20ft in front of us and landed in a tree. At first we thought it was just a wild turkey, but it turned our to be a very big barred owl (at least as tall as I am long!). Instead of flying away, it just stayed on its branch and watched us intently. The human panicked and put me on a leash cause I am still little (20lbs). She was worried this very big owl would make off with me, of course I thought this was stupid. Now she thinks I shouldn't be able to run loose in our fenced backed yard.......she is nuts right!?

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Gryffin,
Your human isn't nuts, just concerned because she loves you. Tell her not to worry about Barred Owls carrying you off, Barred Owls only weight about 1-2 lbs. themselves, they're mostly feathers. Barred Owls eat mostly mice and voles and sometimes birds, rabbits, squirrels and other small mammals.
This is a tough year for the Barred Owls because their prime food, the voles, are not available, they're partying under the deep snow. So you may see Barred Owls out hunting for longer hours during the day, trying to find food.
Enjoy the snow, we have lots of snow here in southern NH and my humans, Lillian and Don shovel out pathways for me to run around in.
Blogger Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoebe,
I'm the editor of The Corgi Cryer and want to thank you for being our gorgeous holiday cover girl! Everyone who sees the magazine thinks you look very beautiful. We also appreciate your encouraging people to subscribe, as we think the Cryer's a pretty fun magazine for anyone who loves corgis. Have a happy New Year, and an extra cookie from me.
Cindy R

Lillian Stokes said...

Thanks Cindy, I did get an extra cookie! You do a great job on the Corgi Cryer magazine. Keep up the good work.
Blogger Phoebe