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Friday, December 07, 2007

Stokes DLS Binoculars, 8x42 and 10x42

Stokes DLS Binocular

The Stokes DLS Binoculars, manufactured by Vortex and named after us (DLS stands for Don and Lillian Stokes) "are a truly excellent bargain: among the very best cost to performance ratios we’ve seen...the image is very bright and very sharp, with excellent contrast and definition," says the review.

The optics4birding review goes on to say this about the Stokes DLS Binoculars, "These binoculars do deliver one of the best “flat field” performances we’ve seen, with very little edge distortion and virtually no detectable color aberrations at the field edges....These binoculars are unlikely to get heavy after a full day in the field! They feel very good in the hands, and make a great first impression. The fact that they’re pleasing to the eye is just a bonus. So they feel nice. That’s important, but so is performance. Here, the Stokes DLS models stack up pretty well too. The 8x model boasts a 383-ft field of view at 1000 yards, excellent performance in this category....Both models focus to a minimum distance of about 4-4.5 feet, depending upon your eyes, truly excellent performance in this character, which will render them much appreciated by butterflyers as well as birders....Two important adjustable qualities for all good binoculars are the eyecups and the diopter adjustment. In both cases, the Stokes DLS handle it well. The eyecups adjust with a counter-clockwise twist mechanism, and they go through four positions, fully in or out, with two intermediate positions marked by detents....The focus knob is wide, well-positioned to fall naturally under the fingers, and has the same knurled surface as the diopter adjustment ring, providing excellent “traction” while turning it. The focus action, even new out of the box, was smooth and easy and requires about 1.25 turns to go from minimum close focus to infinity.... The warranty policy on the Stokes DLS binoculars is exceptional too. Should they ever require service, no matter what the cause, except for deliberate damage, theft or loss, (the manufacturer) will repair or replace the binocular absolutely free. The warranty has no time limit and is completely transferable.....One most remarkable property of the Stokes DLS binoculars is the price. These binoculars have a list price of just $999.95 for the 10x model and $979.95 for the 8x version, but both can be found for as much as $100 less. This puts this binocular in the upper end of the mid-price bracket of modern binoculars, while the optical performance is solidly in the high-price bracket."

So if you are considering buying high end binoculars for holiday giving, (many of which can cost in the $1500 to $2600 range) we hope you will consider the Stokes DLS binocular available as 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 models.

We also have Stokes Binocular models at other price points to meet everyones needs.

Stokes Broadwing Binocular

Our Stokes Broadwing Binocular, 8x42 and 10x42, is available in the mid-$300 price range and features;
  • Superior BaK-4 phase corrected roof prisms provide edge to edge sharpness.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses on all lens surfaces are state-of-the-art and deliver maximum brightness.
  • Multi-position eyecups respond to the need for a more comfortable view – even when you wear eyeglasses or sunglasse

Stokes Talon Binocular

Our Stokes Talon Binocular, 8x42 and 10x42, is available in the about $200 price range and features;
  • Phase corrected prisms improve contrast and sharpness.
  • Fully multi-coated optics improve light transmission for brighter images.
  • Exit pupil of 5.25mm welcomes more light to your eye for better viewing in poor light conditions.
Stokes Meadowlark Binocular

Our Stokes Meadowlark Binocular for about $99 is compact, 8 x 25, and great for hiking, walking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, or anywhere you need a light, small bino. It features;
  • Precision-cut high-density BaK-4 glass prisms improve image sharpness and quality.
  • Fully multi-coated optics increase the amount of light entering the binoculars for bright images with great resolution and color fidelity.
  • Soft rubber eyecups retract so you can enjoy the full field of view in comfort with eyeglasses.
All our binoculars are waterproof and fog proof and have the same great warranty.
They are available at online binocular retailers and some birding stores.

One of the reasons we have licensed our name to a binocular line is because we know how difficult and confusing it can be to choose binoculars for birding. We wanted to make it easier for you, so we partnered with Vortex to develop the Stokes Birding Series line of binoculars which we know will be excellent for birding and a great value for the price. Our goal has always been to help you enjoy, appreciate and understand birds and nature. The enjoyment begins with good optics that give you a clear, bright, beautiful image. If you have any questions about buying a binocular, email us.


Andy said...

I just acquired a pair of the Broadwing series binoculars, and I have to say that they are the best set of bins I've ever owned. Granted, they are the first ones I've purchased in the mid-price range, but the quality of the optics is outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone. The only thing I would change on them is to have the rain guards fit snugly on the eye cups-they tend to dislodge easily.

Otherwise, a superb pair of binoculars for a very reasonable price.

Lillian Stokes said...

So glad you are pleased with your Stokes Broadwing Binoculars, thanks for writing. The rainguard issue is being addressed, meanwhile, you can put a small strip of tape, like duct tape, on the inside rim of the rainguard and they will fit snugly. Good Birding!

Lillian Stokes said...

We got this email from someone who purchased the Stokes Talon Binoculars...
"I purchased my Stokes 8x42 Talon binoculars. Couldn't be more pleased, very sharp and feels well in the hand.
Extremely happy with them and very good value for money.

Many Thanks. Paul H."