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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Piping Plovers in NH

Piping Plover

The news from the NH Fish and Game Dept. regarding the Piping Plover population here, is that out of a few potential nests, only one was successful. The nest at Hampton Beach State Park successfully hatched the eggs on July 11th. NH Fish and Game is asking for any interested birders to come and help monitor and watch the young plovers, and protect them from the crowds on the beach. This is an extremely important plover family and one of the last chances NH has for increasing its Piping Plover populations. So, if you have any time to volunteer, just email
Samantha Niziolek,
smail slc3 (AT)
(when you email, use the correct "at" symbol in the email address).

The plovers will thank you.

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