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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phoebe In Love

Hi there, it's blogger Phoebe reporting again. Well, I'm head over heels in love!

This big hunk o' burning love is named Scooter. Have I got good taste or what!! I fell for him the minute I laid eyes on him. Scooter is a tri-colored Corgi from Indiana, and he and his humans came to visit us recently.

I gave him my dynamite 'come hither' look,

and he couldn't resist me. Here we are hugging.

The humans started to notice what was going on, and I heard them muttering words like..

....."getting X rated",

and, "it's a good thing she's spayed" (whatever that means).

But what do they true love and I just whispered sweet nothings...

Then posed for the camera.
This is blogger Phoebe, signing off, until next time..."woof, woof".

Photos © Lillian Stokes, 2007


Mary C said...

Way to go, Phoebe!

Anonymous said...

Phoebe and Scooter, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S.. Wait! Is that an Indigo Bunting in that tree?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photos of Scooter & Phoebe.
I have a Scooter Son.
He's just like his Father.
They make a nice pair of corgis
in love

Susan said...

What a beautiful couple!