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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Garden Time

Here are some recent images of goings on at our Bobolink Farm. I love getting out early, wandering around the garden, and seeing the beautiful images created by the special morning light. The sun rises over the mountain and backlights the circle fountain garden.

I found a bumble bee still asleep in the dew-fresh cosmos flower

Looking back towards the barn and Prairifire crab apple trees

Our Phoebe, left, and her mom, Chanel, right, who was visiting for a play date, are happy campers.

There were 75 people who attended the dragonfly workshop over the weekend. Phoebe and Chanel are the Corgi welcoming committee. They're both such sweet, loving and friendly Corgis. They got lots of attention. We're just thrilled with Phobe's temperment (hint: if you want a Corgi with a good temperment, get one from a reputable Corgi Breeder.

Widow Skimmer, female

The course saw lots of dragon and damselflies including Widow Skimmers, Halloween and Calico Pennants, Blue Dashers, Common Blue Darners, Spangled Skimmers, Swamp Spreadwings, and lots more.

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