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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where there's a will, there's a Willet

Today I was looking out over some shorebirds and a woman named Sue came up and started talking to me.
"What are those birds?"
"They’re Willets."
How do you learn the shorebirds?
"Basically you learn shorebirds one at a time. Today why don't you try learning Willet. They’re one of the largest shorebirds out there. They have gray bodies, gray legs, and a bill that is a little longer than the depth of the head. They’re kinda indistinct, that is until they fly, then you can see their dramatic black and white wing patterns. Look at them flying."
"Are you going to put those photos you’re taking on your website?"
"Well actually its a blog, I put my photos on the Stokes Birding Blog."
"Well are you going to put the photos on your blog?"
Photos © Lillian Stokes

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