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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Birding Quick Start

We have 2 friends visiting us who are non-birders but would like to learn birding. So we made a little birding kit for them and plan to take them birding to a variety of habitats. In the kit are:
  1. 2 pairs of binoculars
  2. Several Field Guides to the birds we will see
  3. 2 check-lists of the birds found in the area we will be looking, so they can keep a record
  4. 2 sketch pads and pens, since one of the best ways to learn birds is to try and draw them. (This should be easy for our friends, since they are artists.)
  5. 2 water bottles— its hot in Florida.
  6. 2 hats for sun protection
  7. A lens pen, a great way to clean your binoculars
  8. Sun lotion

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