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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ice Cream Eagles

Amazingly, a pair of Bald Eagles have built a nest in a very tall pine right behind a Dairy Queen restaruant near where we are staying in FL. Everyday, ice cream eating patrons can stand in the parking lot enjoying their banana splits, blizzards and cones and experience the intimate wonder of the family life of these eagles.

Today we watched as one of their two nestlings tested its wings and jumped and flapped, jumped and flapped, ready for take off. Just raring to go. One of the adult eagles came in with a fish and nestling number one rethought the independence thing and happily accepted the fish. Nestling number two, who is smaller, deferred to nestling number one who ate first. What a privilege to watch these majestic birds in this accessible place. Ice cream and eagles, life is good. So hmmm should we have the chocolate dipped cone, the brownie earthquake, peanut buster parfait, or....?

Photos of Bald Eagles © Lillian Stokes, 2006

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