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Friday, October 16, 2009

Solitary Sandpiper

Cumberland Farms in Halifax MA, where we just saw the Brown-chested Martin rarity, is a fabulous birding spot, that had lots of other birds besides the martin.
Here's a Solitary Sandpiper I photographed there, that was feeding in a puddle near where all the birders were waiting to see the Brown-chested Martin. This bird is a juvenile, told by all its fresh, not worn, plumage, fine dots evenly distributed over back and wing coverts, and brown wash over head and breast.
The farm fields were using some kind of compost, made from cranberries, so the red dots are floating cranberries.


Hilke Breder said...

Nice shot! Also enjoyed your photos and report on the Brown-chested Martin. Wished Halifax wasn't that far away!

Habs said...

I really appreciate your blog and check in often for the pics and info like many do. I am a novice birdfeeder/watcher with a very small yard, but seem to attract a large variety of birds. I thought I was going to have to give up my hobby, however, when the grackles appeared on the scene and did not seem to want to leave. I actually felt like I was "under attack". I had to eventually take in all my feeders, and I purchased your squirrel proof feeder.
In less than a week, the grackles were gone, and I slowly put the other feeders back. I discovered your fine line of poles and accessories in this process, and now my little yard is a bird haven thanks to you. My parents yard is also evolving into a "Stokes Sanctuary"! Your products and prices are the best, and I just wanted to thank you for keeping my hobby alive.

Moria said...

Wow, beautiful picture of a Solitary Sandpiper!