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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Peak Color, Bobolink Farm

Here at our southern NH home, at our 45 acre property we have named Bobolink Farm, because of our nesting Bobolinks, we are approaching peak fall color. Here's a view this morning off of our deck. the yellow maple in the center of the field we have named "big maple" as a point of reference when we spot birds. As in "Cooper's Hawk flying over big maple". When it sheds all its leaves it becomes a "must stop" place for any passing bird, much to our delight.

Then a bit of sunlight lit up the maple by the water. The adirondacks are our hawk-watching chairs. We sit and face northeast and scan the sky for raptors in the fall. We feel so lucky to live in the midst of such beauty.


Anna said...

What a beautiful view, and so nice that many birds stop off at big maple. The color is lovely. I'm in New England (the Berkshires, MA) and feel really lucky too, getting to see the beautiful color changes, the birds, and feel that peacefulness.

Kat said...

Oh, how fortunate indeed. The first photo with the Big Maple is like a painting! So beautiful. I have been hearing the Hawks flying overhead the past few days. I don't know what they are up to. Everytime I go out to get a look, they of course, disappear. We would have to get out in our 5 acre field to see them good as we are filled with trees around the house. Thanks for sharing.

Life Looms Large said...

Those chairs look almost as comfortable as the top of Pack Monadnock!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is a blessing to live in such a lovely place.Thanks for sharing a little of it with us.