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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ruby-crowned Kinglets

We're seeing a lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets migrating through here right now. They're a cute small bird, more hyper than a warbler, and give a little, high-pitched call. Note the yellow-greenish color on the edges of the wing feathers. We see them flitting along the woodland edges here.

They really do have a ruby crown, but they keep it mostly hidden. When alarmed they can raise their head feathers and show the ruby.
Look for them in your yard, they're a treat and will take your mind off the fact few birds are coming to your feeders now, (more on the on Friday).

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OpposableChums said...

A Ruby-crowned landed on a bench right next to me as I sat taking in the sunset over the Hudson River in Manhattan last week. It stayed there for its customary.036 seconds.