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Friday, February 09, 2007

Nascar Pelican

Which way to Daytona?

Black Lab? I don't see any Black Lab. Pelican? I don't see any Pelican.

We saw this immature Brown Pelican sitting on a car at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge recently. When we went closer, we noticed there was a big Black Lab sitting in the back seat of the car, quite unaware of the pelican. The owner of the car told us he was a 17 year old Black Lab, so he was entitled to be a little oblivious. On the other hand, the pelican didn't know the lab was there either (or maybe it did).
We were a little concerned that the pelican may be injured or sick in some way, since it is very unusual for a pelican to be sitting on a car, even in Ding Darling NWR where the birds are relatively tame. While we were wondering, the pelican flew up and into the water and landed next to an adult pelican. They both began feeding and the young pelican was fine.

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