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Monday, December 21, 2020

Red-shouldered Hawk, Nikon P950 and Ethical Photography

Had a great time yesterday on my NH CBC (Christmas Bird Count), longer post coming on it tomorrow. Took the Nikon P950, 2000mm superzoom and this is one example of what it did. One BIG advantage of these superzoom cameras is the ability to do ethical bird photography! It allowed me to stay in my car and NOT disturb this raptor that was hunting in the cold for much needed food necessary for survival. Photos are untouched, not cropped. For you non-photographers, take my word for it, this is impressive. To get any kind of close photo, even half sharp, at a far distance with a small sensor in dim light is good. Of course I could make them
look better in photoshop etc. but I wanted you to see the reality. 

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