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Monday, December 07, 2020

Good-bye Phoebe, Aug. 3, 2006 - Dec. 7, 2020

Puppy Phoebe

Last photo of her this morning when she could not move

Phoebe's Paw Print Memento

Cover Girl Phoebe

Phoebe excelled at agility

Abby always looked up to Phoebe

Running to the dock this summer

Phoebe in front, Andre on left, Abby on right

Now we have two Corgis, Abby on left, Andre on right. Abby loves Andre.

We lost our precious, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Phoebe (age 14 1/2), this morning, she went over the rainbow bridge. Having to put a pet down is one of the hardest things in life, as many of you know. Each pet takes a piece of your heart. It was even harder for me as I was not able to hold her in my arms and comfort her when they put her down, because of Covid. But I know she knew I was with her. I waited in the car and sent her my love. When it was over I was left with her paw print memento and my tears. (I will get her ashes later).

Phoebe was a special girl, sweet, wise, independent, and still was doing well at age 14. In her last year she became nearly deaf (fortunately she knew hand signals from her obedience training) and clingy. She decided to sleep under my bed, wake me at 6 a.m., then kiss my ankles when I got up to take her out. Phoebe was many things: a photogenic cover girl, agility dog, blogger, excellent tracker, foodie, and wonderful mentor to cousin Abby. By the time we got Andre, a year ago, she had become pack leader emeritus, while Abby moved up in leadership. All three Corgis got along extremely well. She died of complications from back disease exacerbated by a slip during the recent storm. Ironically, yesterday, as a Christmas present for myself, I ordered a mug with three Corgis on it and they put the names on under each Corgi, Phoebe, Abby and Andre. We will miss her so much. We are grateful to still have two Corgis, thank god.

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