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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birders: The Central Park Effect, a must see, get the DVD.

 Blackburnian Warbler

and Nashville Warbler, two of the beautiful birds shown in the documentary, Birders: The Central Park Effect.

Just saw a showing of the documentary by Jeffrey Kimball called Birders: The Central Park Effect, last night at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. It's a film about birding and birders in Central Park, NY through the seasons.  It was great, you gotta see it. Beautifully filmed, great footage of birds, wonderful personalities (including Jonathan Franzen) articulately telling why birding grabs them. Like a love poem to birding, it will remind you why you are a birder.
Birders: The Central Park Effect is now available on DVD, click here.

The gorgeous video of warblers made us eager for the eye candy birds of spring migration. By the way,   we will be keynote speakers on Friday, May 10th this year at The Biggest Week in American Birding festival at Magee Marsh, OH, one of the top warbler spots of the country. Hope to see you there. Bring your cameras. I took the above warbler photos there.

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Kim Smith said...

That movie was really wonderful, wasn't it? I look forward to meeting both of you at the Biggest Week this year; I'll be on the celebrity bird walk with you on Friday morning!