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Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: The Big Year Movie, 2 Wings Up

Prothonotary Warbler, is seen in the movie at High Island

Just went to see the comedy, The Big Year movie, about a birding competition starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. Bottom line, I liked it, go see it.

Basically it's a movie about competition and relationships, set against the backdrop of birding.
3 guys are vying for who can see the most species of birds in a year. As a comedy it's more occasional chuckles than laughs. There are touching moments, adventures, and each guy emerges with an acceptance of who they are or have become. There is far, far, too little footage of birds shown, but at least they show some birds, even sometimes accurately depicted as to correct species in correct habitat. It does show birding in real birding locations.

If you're a birder I hope you see a little bit of yourself in the movie and remember the passion that made you become a birder in the first place, the adventures you've had, and the birds you've seen or want to see.

If you're not a birder, it will introduce you to what birding can be like, especially when taken to it's extreme. I hope it makes you want to pick up binoculars and go places to see amazing birds.
Just like the title of the song says, that plays at the end of the movie during the rolling credits while numerous photos of birds flash on the screen — "This Can All Be Yours Someday". We hope it does.

We won't give too much away, and not everyone will like this movie, (the story line is fragmented, there are lame moments, and birders will find the inaccuracies) but keep and open mind and go and have fun.

Some of my favorites scenes,

Of Birds -
Footage of Bald Eagles locking talons and sky falling
Great Gray Owl in snow storm
Snowy Owl coming at camera
Multiple individual species seen in bird "fall out" at High island, such as the Prothonotary Warbler pictured above

People -
Steve Martin, as Stu, holding his grandson, who you know will become a birder thanks to grandpa (hey, how do you think birders are often made?)
The two (won't tell you who) who become a couple at up the end, birding brought them together. That's awesome. We know, because birding brought Lillian and Don Stokes together.

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Preethi said...

Been looking out for something like this - Thank you for posting this review..:)